About Us

Serving you affordable, quality comfort food.

Tasty & Wholesome
We offer comforting and familiar food — we know how a good meal can lift your spirits after a long day or meeting. And love trying different things to offer an interesting twist on familiar flavours. 

Community – the best meals are shared
Our dishes are Halal-certified. Where possible, we support the community through sponsoring charity events such as the one below. 

Sgt Kiang smiles with former President of Singapore, Tony Tan, and the First Lady who are avid fans of his delicious Chicken Rice.

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Our Story

Chicky Fun started with chicken rice, put together under the watchful eyes of Sergeant Kiang Joon Toh. 

One of the pioneer chefs of the acclaimed Chatterbox Chicken Rice at Mandarin Hotel, he was tasked by then executive chef Gunter Peter Gehrmann to create a local dish. 

Sergeant Kiang noticed that Westerners and Japanese preferred to eat chicken breast and disliked bones in their food. So, he came up with a deboned chicken dish they would enjoy, using quality ingredients and a method of cooking that kept the chicken breast from being dry and fibrous. Four decades on, his flavourful chicken rice creation continues to be enjoyed.

Today, Sergeant Kiang personally trains kitchen staff across all Chicky Fun outlets to ensure premium quality dishes.

Beyond delicious Chicken Rice dishes, Chicky Fun has grown to offer more familiar favourites including Nasi Lemak, Econ Bee Hoon and Yong Tau Foo. 

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